SUPPORT FOR THE INSTALLATION OF SOLAR PANELS will prepare documentation for our clients to apply for state aid FOR FREE

  • Since 09.03.2022, state support for installing solar panels is available. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development has developed Cabinet Regulation No 150, which describes all the conditions.
  • The total amount of aid under the call for proposals is €40 million and applications are open until 31 December 2024 or until funding is still available
  • The maximum support for installing solar panels is €4,000 per household, but up to €15,000 is available if you want to add a heating system. 


You will fill in a questionnaire so that we can assess whether you are eligible for State aid. The questionnaire contains 23 questions and will take up to 3 minutes to complete.

Once the solar panels are installed, we will prepare all the necessary documentation for the state aid. All you have to do is submit your application to the call for proposals, signed with a secure electronic signature. 

In addition, you will be informed of the conditions that will have to be respected for 5 years after the aid money is received. We will send our customers information on all the important points that will have to be respected in order to avoid having to repay the aid.